July 4, 2009

I Have Sand In My Eyes

It's been raining since (what's felt like) 1952 in NY so one can only imagine what a massive sigh of relief 4 days of sun and sand and ocean has brought our itching-to-be-outside family. Ash has been to a few beaches before, but never for a full-on beach vacation. One where you wake up to, eat, drink, live, and go to bed with sand in your pants. I think he likes it, which I love because it confirms that majority votes for future beach vacations will swing in my favor. Take that daddy. Ok ok, we love the other stuff too, but eating pizza and living in a swimsuit for 4 days does kind of rock.

This morning there were 3 dolphins swimming near our beach - close enough where we were able to watch them flip their fins and jump around in the water without squinting our eyes. Close enough where I began to question what else was swimming nearby... but I got over that pretty quickly, well, with it being 85 and sunny and all.

We're bracing for the "no honey, no more horsies" conversation and hoping that transferring some love to the fishies will help. Fishies we can handle (anyone have a spare aquarium in need of some love?). I have a feeling he's still going to miss the horsies though.

New rule, no more sushi south of NY without an expressed reccommondation from a certified source. Ash's dinner, however, was the yummy yum yum in the tummy tum tum kind of delicious. It took him a while to eat it because he insisted on using chopsticks (mommy and daddy were eating sushi with chopsticks, so why shouldn't he eat his chicken with them too?) but he eventually figured it out. The boy rocks him some chicken with chopsticks.

Other than that we're just hanging out, enjoying our 1:30PM bottle of sauvignon blanc on the balcony while the center of the universe naps off his morning mischeif. The mischief that left me with sand in my eyes, seashells in daddy's pants, and a VW Bus without a surf board. (Details on that last one to come, but Owen - if you're out there - we have your VW Bus but the surfboard seems to have made it's way off the balcony. Operation surfboard recovery underway. As soon as the sauvignon blanc is gone...).

Happy 4th everyone!

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Gamma! said...

Happy 4th to you all too. Looks like you had a fun and memorable time at the beach celebrating a very special day in our countries history. Lots of love, mom/gamma