July 12, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

Saturday spent at the Mohonk Mountain House hiking and exploring and day-spa'ing, followed by a picnic lunch on Whitecliff Vineyards lawn tossing the football around, spotting the pond turtles, and soaking up the sun. Sunday spent in Prospect Park, Brooklyn relishing delicious eats, savory wine, fabulous company and the never ending scenery of the world's most adorable 2 year old BFF's. We may be in the midst of the "terrible two's", and our marriage may not be as "easy" in year 8 as it was in year 1, and we may find ourselves pissing each other off to high hell over new found random daily quarks, but weekends like this remind us that imperfection breeds practice. And practice in the form of this weekend is a very very good thing. Something I plan on practicing until absolutely perfect. Gotta love imperfection.

Mohonk Mountain House Hiking

Time for a nap

Can you see the turtles?

Brooklyn baby!

Can you guess what happened next?

Off to keep practicing...

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stephanie said...

Wow. Can totally relate to this post.