October 25, 2007

AKA: The Boys

This is Bode, one of our two highly cherished and highly spoiled cats. I'll introduce you to Bridger later. Today we discussed getting started to work on Bean's room and if I know my cats they're going to sense that something is up with the entrance of one new piece of furniture...the crib! We adopted our cats through a fabulous organization called Kitty Kind. Bridger entered our lives Spring of 2002 and is now about 7 years old and Bode joined us Spring of 2003 and is now about 6 years old. I say "about" because both were supposedly around 2 1/2 at the time of their adoption, however all of the kitties waiting for homes seemed to have the 2 1/2 year "estimated age" listed on their id's as well. Curious. Anyhow, both of our boys came to us with very developed personalities.

Bridger was dropped off at Kitty Kind by an elderly woman who no longer had the means to care for him. Bode was found by Kitty Kind in a condemned building in Brooklyn along with 40 other malnourished cats. You can imagine how their former lives impacted their personalities - Bridger is trusting and will let you carry him anywhere whereas Bode is quite a bit more hesitant with who he trusts, but once you've made his "OK" list he's hard to get rid of! In their own ways they both love to cuddle and play and hunt and be curious. I have a feeling our attention is going to shift a little once Bean arrives, or maybe it has already... Yesterday I found Bridger sleeping on top of our Adoptive Families magazine - I think he may have been trying to tell us something!


Misty said...

Hey! You can put us on your site. I didn't even ask you, I just put you on. Sorry, that is probably good protocol, isn't it?! Thanks for checking in on it anyways. So after the fact, can I link my blog to yours too? I tried the other day, but I must have forgotten to save it. Mind must be in Ethiopia;)

Mike & Jo said...

Thanks, you've been added! No worries about ours - link away!