October 21, 2007

Crazy Beautiful Organization

Now that we've completed the paper chase we're in waiting mode for our CIS approval. And what better way to spend our time than hyper-crazy organizing our dossier documents so that they're spot-on-ready for state certification once our CIS approval arrives! We're now into multiple weather-proof folders, four contain the county specific documents (all of our dossier documents need to be notarized then county certified then state certified all in the county and state where the original notarization occurred) and one final weather-proof folder for the state level certification.

Our marriage license and birth certificates are all set because they don't originate from NY (we were both born in MN and got married in MT) so these are the first documents to move to the state level certification folder, but the others are soon to follow! Is there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than researching and printing county and state government office information and then printing and organizing detailed cover letters to be placed in weather proof folders? Well, watching the Vikings whoop the Cowboys would be nice too - here's to holding out hope for the home team!


LISA said...

Ok, your stuff looks much nicer than ours!We still haven't received our I171H. Waiting is hard. Especially when all the new referrals are happening!

Mike & Jo said...

Yeah, I might be a little compulsive when it comes to organization...

I'm with you - the waiting is so hard. We can't wait to finally have everything in Ethiopia! If only there was a way to expedite the I-171H, wouldn't that be great!