October 20, 2007

Paper Preggers

If you search the word "preggers" on Wikipedia you'll be automatically redirected to the definition for pregnancy. However, if instead of going directly to Wikipedia you opt to first Google "preggers" you're given the option to continue on to Urban Dictionary where much more interesting definitions await. The possible definitions range from "a slang word for pregnant" to "a term used by both Upper and Lower class British Citizens while talking to friends to claim that their life long partner is pregnant." There are slightly less than positive definitions as well, but when you're searching a database titled "Urban Definitions" I suppose that's to be expected.

When women are pregnant they cautiously await the third month of pregnancy when the chances of miscarriage decrease significantly. It is then when they begin talking, planning, sharing, and becoming openly excited about their life changing event - and are officially, preggers. Not that they weren't excited during the first three months (I imagine anyone looking back at their friend's first months of pregnancy would attest to the fact that a beaming glow became present despite the news not yet having been made public) but there is something about being in the IT'S NOW PUBLIC phase that makes everything that much more real. They're preggers, and it's public.

For adoptive families there isn't a defined time when we "should" go public with news of our adoption. Month #3 could be when an application is received or could be when an application is filed or could be when nothing is happening at all because one of the many processes are, well, in process. The term "paper pregnancy" is often used to define an adoption, so when are adoptive families officially "paper preggers"?

While still mindfull of potential obsticles we are now considering ourselves to be paper preggers. The paper chase is over. We're now only awaiting approval from CIS and mere days after that is received our dossier will be sent to Ethiopia when our long awaited child will be officially matched - to us. We had better begin preparing the baby's room, we're paper preggers!

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Gamma! said...

Congratulations Paper Preggers! I'm so excited and proud to be part of your adventure. Baby Bean will be among the most blessed children on earth to be chosen by you - not to speak of the rest of us who can't wait to welcome him/her into our family! I pray every day for both of you (especially for patience :)), and for Baby Bean, knowing that God already has this very special child set aside for you just waiting for your open arms of love.