October 23, 2007

Every Step Counts

My husband wanted me to hold off on this post until ALL of our documents had been certified but that's not going to happen until this afternoon and I'm excited so here is my small update...

Yesterday we had our documents certified in two of the four counties we need to receive certification from. The Ulster County and Westchester County documents are all set to be state certified! I also checked our bank account online and saw that CIS cashed our check for the I-600A application so it must be in the processing stages! This afternoon we're going to go to the two remaining counties, Kings (Brooklyn) and New York (Manhattan), and then head to the NY Secretary of State office to have everything state certified. We'll need to have the CIS approval form county and state certified as well, but we thought getting all of the other documents completely taken care of while we wait for our approval will help speed things up once it finally arrives - that and it gives us something to do while we wait. It's not that we're impatient, we're just REALLY excited!

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