October 18, 2007

The First "All Clear"

This week has been extremely exciting! On Monday we submitted our application to CIS and their approval is the last document we need for our dossier to be complete. While we wait our adoption agency, CHI, requested that we fax them copies of our dossier documents just to make sure that everything is in line and set for when the CIS approval arrives. They gave us the "ALL CLEAR!" today! So far this week we've received two fantastic confirmations:

- Our application arrived to CIS on Tuesday morning at 7AM and is now being processed (hopefully we'll receive approval in 4-6 weeks)

- CHI received copies of our dossier documents and confirmed that they are now officially correct and complete! (less the CIS approval which is on it's way)

My entirely optimistic side tells me we'll be traveling to be united with Baby Bean in 4 months. My more realistic side keeps reminding me it will be more like 6-8 months... In any case we're ecstatic!


LISA said...

So far we've been waiting 17 days for our CIS approval.Can't wait!! Hopefully both of ours will come quickly!We may travel at the same time.

Mike & Jo said...

Wow congrats, hopefully CIS is working overtime this month!

Jill said...

Hi guys...to answer your question from my blog...you can add the sponsership blog by going to CHI's blog and it has an "add this to your blog. You copy the html text and then on your setup portion of blogspot, you can "add an page element" to the side. Pick the "html/java scrip" option and then just paste the text into the box.

The tickers are also done that way (I use lilypie.com). The site allows you to create one and then you copy and paste the html (do this as "picture" on the add a page item) and once it is on your layout screen, you can drag it where you want to.

Nice to meet you!