October 31, 2007


Our dossier is officially burning a hole in my pocket. All of the documents are stamped, certified, state approved, and tightly bundled in a weather proof package ready to be mailed to CHI the moment we receive our I-171H. I fee like I've been making my list and checking it twice (or three, or four, or five...) times for months! Oh wait... I HAVE! So now that everything that we can gather is gathered, what to do? Refinish floors, make a new kind of lasagna (asparagus with parmesan sauce), carve 6 pumpkins, research patterns for the baby's room, obsessively question the age of every child we see:

Me: Do you think that child is 3-5 months or more like 6-8?
Mike: Hm, does she have teeth yet?
Me: I think 6 months is when many children start teething.
Mike: Wow, so our child might already have teeth?
Me: Well what about her, she looks like she has teeth but she's walking, do you think our child will be able to walk like that when we meet him/her?
Mike: He/she will probably be too young to be walking, but maybe.
Me: Well what about that one over there, he looks to be in the 8-10 month range, right?
Mike: I was thinking more like 5-7 actually. Do you think our child will be able to sit up on their own like that one over there?

And the conversation continues! I guess now that the paper chase is (almost...come on I-171H) complete we're looking for something else to keep us busy until that fabulous day when the referral arrives. This weekend it's the floors, maybe next weekend we'll take a stab at redoing the downstairs bathroom, and then there are those windows that need to be weather proofed, and then...ok maybe it wont be so difficult to find things to do!


Misty said...

You are hilarious! I love your honesty.

LISA said...

It IS hard waiting for the I171H!
We had to change a document on ours after it was there 3 weeks! Thank goodness our CHI worker helped us fix our problem!