November 27, 2007

Good Finds

No I-171H yet, but here are some good finds that we've come upon in the meantime!

Pink Bottom Creations: Custom hand-crafted jewelry designs, many that incorporate Ethiopian silver prayer beads.

Heart for Africa Adoption Fundraiser: This is one proud grandmother. She is hand making these pendants, and 100% of the sales will go towards her daughter and son in law's Ethiopian adoption.

Amharic Kids: Fantastic Amharic bean bags that teach colors and numbers, as well as Rebecca Haile’s fantastic book, Held at a Distance: My Rediscovery of Ethiopia.

Tsehai Loves Learning: Tsehai Loves Learning is a new, animated, early childhood education DVD series that promotes cultural and environmental awareness and is presented entirely in Amharic.

1 comment:

Gamma! said...

Good morning New Paltz! What great finds! Can't wait till we really KNOW who Bean is so we can start doing some serious shopping! :)