January 20, 2008

Go Giants!

Yes, we're true Minnesota Vikings fans at heart but we also currently reside in the great state of New York so will be cheering loudly for the Giants tonight as they tackle the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship title.


Courtney said...

Cuuute thing on the top!

And as far as the rock star stuff goes- Jas and I haven't heard of it either. Does that make us hicks? Or just the opposite? Either way, it sounds like we should find us one and get busy with the guitar playing!

Courtney said...

For some reason, while I wrote that last comment, I was writing with a twangie accent. Let me say that in no way do I think folks who play video games are hicks. Promise. I'm just feeling a bit silly. Hell, I'm from Kansas. Home of the biggest ball of twine. No jokes.

Mike & Jo said...

No worries - all is good in love and rock :)

Amanda and Andrew said...

haha--that's hysterical. :)
I hope the game was a good one. I have to admit, I don't keep up with football.

LISA said...

We're New England fans!!! Can't believe it 18 and 0!!!
Hey Courtney, we're from Kansas!Ya'll!!!LOL!