January 26, 2008

Researching The Candidates

Off the topic of adoption for a moment...

"Glassbooth is a nonprofit organization that is creating innovative ways to access political information. An informed and interested democracy is a powerful thing."

First assign points to issues you find important in the upcoming election then take a quiz where you assign values ranging from strongly oppose to strongly agree to various policies/ideas. Then find out which candidate is your best match! The really cool part is it then goes on to inform you why you fit or don't fit with each candidate based on candidate quotes and/or voting record. It's a great way to learn about those in the running to be our next President.


Brooke said...

Very interesting. The candidate I have supported the most actually came in third on my quiz. My second choice came in 1st on the quiz. Kind of shakes things up a bit!

Stacie said...

Very cool - I love how it goes through each of the issues with how the candidate voted, etc. Such a great tool - thanks for sharing!