January 4, 2008

One Month

On December 4th, 2007 our dossier was approved by CHI and we were added to the wait list. We've been officially waiting for one month! Now that the holidays are over things have really picked up for both my husband and I at work so I have a feeling the coming days are going to fly by. We went out for a celebration dinner last night (my husband received exciting news regarding his work but it hasn't been officially announced yet so unfortunately I can't share details...grrr) and while at dinner I asked him what he thought we should do for Valentine's Day this year. The moment the word "Valentines Day" came out of my mouth we both silenced and squinted our eyes while we thought to ourselves, is Valentines Day REALLY already next month? It feels strange enough accepting that we're actually in the year 2008, but to think that we're already making plans for February is simply astonishing.

Where did the last year go? Oh yeah I remember... it went to the police station for documents, the doctor for documents, friends for letters, social worker for documents, accountants for letters, adoption DVD's for lessons, the FBI for fingerprints, various notaries for stamps, 5 counties for certifications, 3 states for Secretary of State approval, and to the post office about a thousand times for the mailing of said paperwork! And a partridge in a pear tree.

One month down, lots of waiting to go. LOTS to do in the meantime!


Stacie said...

Oh that's great - one month already! I hope it does fly by and that your referral comes quickly!

Rebecca said...

I know - I feel like our month of waiting has gone by so quickly! I do think it will fly by. Hopefully!

Renee said...

wishing you a quick referral!!

Renee (another chi family) :-)

Paul and Deedra said...

It is strange to not have any more pressing paperwork to authenticate, isn't it?! In the meantime, keep busy; and before you know it your referral call will be coming!

Brooke said...

One month down, that's great! I'm sure the holidays made the time fly. Hopefully it will continue to go super fast!

Tanya & Ramsey said...

Thats great you guys.. So happy for you!!