January 8, 2008

Great Online Resources

I found two great websites today while doing a little research that both include some interesting reads regarding adoption parenting, attachment & bonding, etc...


A4everFamily: A wealth of information for adoptive parents & families.

University of Minnesota International Adoption Medicine Program: "The first clinic in the United States providing for the health needs of internationally adopted children through its clinic services, research, and education."


Brooke said...

Those are great sites. Thanks for posting. Did you guys do the "Heart of the Matters" DVD's? We thought they had good info. but they were a little hard to sit through.
Thanks again for the link!

Katy said...

Thanks for the leads!

Mike & Jo said...

Yes, we completed the "Heart of the Matter" DVD series and felt the same way. They provided a lot of great information but were SO LONG. There's no way we could ask our family members, who are equally invested in learning about the adoption process and adoption parenting, to sit through 10 hours of DVD training. On the other hand the information we learned from those DVD's is what prompted us to find other (more condensed) online resources such as the ones listed in this post, so I guess more than one good came of completing the series! :)

Courtney Rose said...

Jo- Would you mind emailing me at crosejaynes@yahoo.com?