January 19, 2008

Rock Star

Last night we had some friends over for the night and one of them brought their Xbox Rock Band video game. We had a blast playing it into the wee hours of the morning and were officially rock stars for a night! My husband and I don't own video games so the whole setup was new to us (which puts us in the minority as evidently this is the hottest thing on the market right now) but we did our best to catch on quickly. For those unfamiliar with Rock Band (which is probably not many of you as I think Mike and I were the last people on the planet to play it, or so our friends told us) there are actual guitars, microphones, and even a drum set involved. The goal is to sing/play your instrument as close to the beat of each song as possible - the result is group of friends rocking out for the night to songs I hadn't heard in years. Great fun. I have a feeling these sorts of evenings are going to be few and far between once Bean arrives, but I also have a feeling that we're not even going to notice...there will be another rock star in the family and we'll be learning lyrics to a few new tunes - lullabies!


LISA said...

We play Guita Hero. It's a blast,and really kinda relaxing.Especially FREEBIRD.Love it.
When Bean gets here,you guys will have to put away the drum sticks.

Katy said...

You are not alone. . . I am not familiar with XBox Rock Band. I have, however, played my nephew's guitar hero game and really wanted to smash the "joystick" or whatever these newfangle controls are called through the kid's flat screen tv. I am no rockstar.

Anyway, sounds like a very fun night. Maybe someday you'll have the same crew together and all of your children will be there too, schooling you on the latest games!