August 6, 2008

All About Crazy

Crazy Sisters

Crazy Cousins

Crazy Great Grandmothers

More Crazy Great Grandmothers

And Of Course, Crazy Aunts!

Where have I been for a week? Well, in a nutshell, in the nuthouse being crazy. And I suppose if we're being grammatically correct that would be nuthouses - as in multiples. You see, for the past week the 3 of us have been on the road touring good 'ol Minnesota and Wisconsin guiding the magical mystery tour of Ashton McGregor. He met Great Grandmas (THREE!!!), grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, relatives and friends. Some traveled across the street and others ventured from the serene North Woods to the scary Twin Cities and survived to tell the tale. I'm of the thought that all found the trip worth their while because let's face it - he's got one freaking adorable smile that tends to melt away the stress from even a 300 mile journey.

Back to reality. Lots to say. Need some sleep and a day of "routine" and returning to being a New Yorker before getting away with saying most of it. It's good to be home.

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Misty said...

He does have one freaking adorable smile! I love that he got to meet all of that family. Our little one will have grandparents to meet, but no great grandparents (they are all gone) and not sure honestly how things will go with extended family (lots of crazy stupid racism there....:( Anyways, sounds like a great time was had by all!