August 16, 2008

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Life is certainly going on, bra...

Readoption: We did the research and started the process. The process (for NY at least) looks like this:
1) Find a good adoption lawyer and have a 15 minute call to cover the basic details.
2) Lawyer contacts social worker to obtain notarized copy of home study as well as any post placement reports that have been written. Lawyer then uses this information to file with your county court for a readoption hearing.
3) We drop off Ashton's official Ethiopian birth certificate to the county court. (We could mail it in, but the lawyer reminded us that this document should be considered one of a kind and nearly irreplaceable therefor dropping it in the mail is, well, scary.)
4) A handful of other forms need to be filled out, but essentially at this point we're just waiting for a court date.
5) Court date! The actual readoption will last just a few minutes in our local courthouse, at the end of which we'll receive Ashton's name change documents, social security card (with updated name), NY birth certificate, and all necessary paperwork to apply for a US passport. With a little luck this will all happen by Christmas this year. HOORAY!!!

Ribs: We took Ashton to the Hudson Valley Rib Fest today. 15 minutes in and he was pretty much covered head to toe in sauce.

Rockin Out: We did it, we're Wii owners with Rockband and Guitar Hero (cause you can't just get one or the other...) and are determined to unlock as many songs as possible this weekend. Thank goodness Ashton seems to know how to work the drums pretty well. Like any good 15 month old rock star would!


Misty said...

Thankfully Ashton figured out the drums. A two man band wouldn't get you too far now, would it?!?

Amanda and Andrew said...

Ribs-hahaha. :) I can't wait for moments like that with our kiddos. I love the photos of your son smiling-adorable.

And, guitar hero... they have that for Wii? I need to get it! Now. I'm off to order one.

I blame you.