August 19, 2008

He Wins.

6:30AM: Wakeup (despite his 9:30PM bedtime the previous night)
8:30AM: Park #1 (On Manhattan's Upper West Side. It was ok, lots of sand but none of the higher up climbing areas were secured with bars leaving LOTS of wide open space for Ash to tumble 7+ feet, fun for him but more of a stress fest for mom.)
10:00AM: Museum of Natural History (he LOVED it)
2:00PM: Bath (Park #1 and Museum fun left me with a boy caked in mud and museum carpet fur)
2:30PM: Park #2 (Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Good vibe but no water - it was HOT today!)
4:30PM: Park #3 (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Great vibe, lots of water, specific toddler area - we are DEFINITELY going back to this park!)
9:00PM: BEDTIME!!! (during which he was still wide awake, though fell asleep immediately after finishing his bottle)

3 parks and 1 museum and mom was one tuckered lady. The boy, on the other hand, was ready for more. He officially wore me out today. Gods, if you're listening, please please please conjure a spell or two for a wake up call tomorrow past the hour of 6AM. Momma needs her sleep! Unfortunately my internal clock is still set to "wired during the PM, slow to wake up in the AM" and despite all efforts to head to bed shortly after Ashton I continue to have my most productive hours between 10 - 11:30PM. I either need to figure out how to force myself to sleep by 10PM or convince Ashton that it's against the law to wake up before 8AM. As you can guess the 2nd of those options is currently failing with flying colors so I'll be continuing to work on the first for now. Well, that or learn how to function on 6 hours of sleep and there's a better chance of Ashton arriving with breakfast in bed complete with cappuccino than that happening so I guess I know what I need to work on. (And it's not training Ash to work the cappuccino maker, just for clarification...)

He was so much fun today. So so so much fun.


Rebecca said...

So, it sounds like you did the park tour today? WOW. You have quite the stamina to keep up with Ashton! I'm in awe.

Anonymous said...

It's 8:16 in NYC, still sleeping? I hope so. Sounds like a too cool day. So where's the pictures? Unfortunately I am now addicted and you aren't providing the fix! Love Grandma C

Jodi said...

Wow - good luck catching up on some sleep!