August 17, 2008

A "Kind Of" Last Weekend

Our "real" last weekend wont happen until next weekend because I'm not officially going back to work until next Monday. But, I am going in to the office for some meetings tomorrow and this week is going include much more time-juggling in preparation, so this was kind of our last weekend. I'm guessing that I'll process the meaning of this by say, December, because I tend to be much more the "huh, so it really is going to be like that" kind of person rather than the "I know exactly how I'm going to feel and how this is going to go" kind of person. I prefer to live it and reflect rather than commit and expect. Nothing wrong with either, just a preference.

We spent the afternoon at the county pool and wore the boy out with loads of splashing, water tossing, sun, and meeting new friends. He fell asleep on the way home from the pool and we thought we might feel bad about transferring him from a quiet sleep in the car seat to dad's shoulder for dinner with a live band - but he slept through it like a champ and I must say it was one of the more civilized dinners out we've had, well, since May 30th. Everyone at The Otter LOVES Ashton so as soon as his eyes were even slightly open they were right there with some mashed potatoes - yum. He's got more than just us wrapped around those adorable little fingers...

As you may have guessed by now we tend to over-plan and then abandon all plans at the last minute and let nature take it's course. That way we still get to claim having "planned and prepared" while maintaining the right to blame the universe for any negative, right? So here is the week-in-advance plan that I'm already staring at and saying, "uh-huh...we'll see how that goes" for our first full week back to work:

Sunday: Grandma comes to town, loves on Ash, and he instantly decides that she is who he should spend all of his time with. Grandma rocks.
Monday: Ashton wakes up and says his first words, which actually form more of a sentence, "Good morning mom, can I play with Grandma today. Pleeeeeeease?" Mom and dad hole up in the office. Ash and Grandma love up the day.
Tuesday: Everyone to NYC!!! Mom and dad work, Grandma takes the true test...can she navigate the NYC subway with a stroller? (my bet is that a particular cab service ends up being particularly well funded that day)
Wednesday & Thursday: Mornings at the new daycare center with Grandma onsite, then back to familiar surroundings with Grandma taking over for the afternoons.
Friday: TGIF Ash style. Location TBD.
The following week: Ash will be loving daycare and mom and dad will be completely ready to share our little rock star with the toddler preschool world.

So there it is, our perfect transition to daycare plan because the following week he's all in - 3 days a week of full day toddler preschool supplemented with 2 days of mom and dad juggling hours with a few hand picked babysitters. We will be ready. I will be ready. He will be ready. I WILL be ready. He's going to be ready...right?

I will be ready.

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Annie said...

here's hoping it all goes smoothly...

oh, where did the summer go??