August 24, 2008

Nothing Beats...

An afternoon with friends on a gorgeous lawn in beautiful weather overlooking stunning scenery while munching on goodies and tasting delicious local wine.

An evening with friends grilling everything in site (meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, you name it - it went on the grill) while enjoying truly sincere conversation and overall just happiness.

A lazy Sunday morning.

And most importantly for today, nothing beats the feeling of being cozy at home on a Sunday evening the night before everything changes, knowing that the changes aren't something to worry about but are more agents of discovery for a whole new part of life yet to be experienced. Granted, I may be slightly on edge about said "agents of discovery" right now, but eventually I'll see them as something that couldn't have possibly been beat.

But even more important, nothing beats my son's smile. I'm absolutely useless when he turns to full-on giggle mode - useless.


Annie said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend. I don't blame you for being useless when Ashton giggles....such a cutie pie!!! I get such a kick out of all the photos and how HAPPY he is with you and Mike for his parents (of course :)

Hope tomorrow goes quickly until you get home from work...and then I hope that the evening goes as slow as molasses.

losiloni said...

Thinking about you today... I know it will be tough at work, but just keep thinking about those cute giggles and you'll get through it.