November 13, 2008

Child Friendly What?

I'm a firm believer that anything you enjoyed pre-child can also be enjoyed with-child. Period. Ok, maybe not ANYTHING, but just about everything. I mean, obviously we're not going to bring Ash to our friends housewarming that is mostly an appetizer tasting event with lots of people. Oh wait...we did that and he LOVED it. What I meant to write was, obviously we're not going to bring Ash to an art opening where there will be "breakables" or "no touches" on the wall and loads of adults out to have a good evening. Oh wait...we did that and he LOVED it. I mean, what I REALLY meant to write was... well, you get the picture. We're just not that family who redefines what life is simply because they're now 3 instead of 2 and 1 of those 3 prefers a bottle of milk rather than a glass of grownup grape juice.

I'll concede that our parenting strategies tend to lean towards the progressive side but we still enjoy being surprised from time to time as to how child friendly every activity could actually potentially be. For example, twice in the last week we've had absolutely scrumptious white tablecloth dinners at notable restaurants in NY. With Ashton. That lasted multiple courses. And are SOOOO the type of events that other parents have attempted to convince us are things we'll never get to do again because our entire life (with child) will now be COMPLETELY different. I beg to differ.

First restaurant, Landmarc (NYC, NY - Their Tribeca location)
The menu is a fabulous concoction of perfectly grilled meat daily fresh pasta specials and oysters and all other sorts of loveliness, but the kicker is... so is the kids menu! Ash ordered their pigs in a blanket which turned out to NOT be a plate stuffed with hot dogs fried in buns, rather a presentation of homemade sausages covered with fluffy phyllo dough. He devoured the deliciousness while mom and dad enjoyed a perfectly prepared steak salad and the day's special pasta paired with the most perfect Bordeaux. All while the waitstaff kept Ash entertained with crayons, coloring paper, and playfullness. And the creme de la creme? Every table dining with children automatically has a basket of cotton candy brought for dessert. Seriously. A nummy pleasant evening to say the least.

Second restaurant, Harvest Cafe (New Paltz, NY)
Much like the first experience the waitstaff seemed to really enjoy having children in the dining room. And as an added incentive they host "family night" on Thursdays where kids eat free and mom or dad get a complementary glass of wine with their meal. Sold. They welcomed us with crayons and a coloring book for Ash as well as their signature pumpkin bread which may have been the only negative of the evening. Not because it was bad, but because Mike finally realized that he now has competition for the good bread at the table - whereas before I would let him have it all, Ash isn't so gracious. He proceeded to eat the entire plate...Mike got none. Poor daddy... :( Anyhow, Ash proceeded to munch on a Manchego cheese quesadilla while Mike spooned a stuffing/fruit stuffed acorn squash and I drooled over every bite of my sage infused duck breast. Another nummy pleasant evening.

I'll admit there have been changes, but to be honest I couldn't name one that sticks out in my mind as having actually changed anything. After all, life is already very child-friendly, it's us who need to be reminded that children are life-friendly.


courtney rose said...

"... children are life-friendly."

I DIG IT! That quote should be published somewhere very, very special.

Quick question- do you highly recommend Adoptive Families Magazine (I notice it's a link on the side of your blog)?

Meg DeZutti said...

That is just fantastic! Aside from spending quality family time, Ash is learning that McDonalds isn't the only place you can go as a family. He is learning culture and good manners as well.
Good for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

What a chip off the old block! Can't wait to see you guys and partake in these events too. Am on my way to the lake, so on cell all weekend. Love you guys. Mom C

Stacie said...

That's so awesome. We try to do the same, but with Micah it's not always easy to do. More about Micah than about the activity though! We'll get there someday! :)