November 23, 2008

The Mommy/Son Shoe Experience - I'm Training Him Well

I can now officially say that Ashton's feet have been three different sizes in ONE MONTH. He started November as a size 4, quickly moved into a 5, and as of 4PM yesterday is now mere millimeters away from being a size 6, which in "kid shoes" terms means buy size 6 now because your size 5's wont fit in the morning. So, what to do when your child's feet are growing like weeds? I'll admit it was tough but I was FORCED to go shoe shopping. Forced I say. I had absolutely no other choice.

We found ourselves in a convennient neighborhood in Brooklyn (by pure coincidence I swear) for the mother son shoe-shopping duo and managed to pick up a crazy cute pair of rainbow Adidas kicks. The only downside is that now dad is jealous that he doesn't have a pair... And to top the experience off we found that Ash finally fits into the pair of monster fuzzy slippers that grandma gave him few weeks back - a great weekend for shoes!


Meg DeZutti said...

Those are possibly the cutest shoes I have ever seen! And the plaid pants aren't bad either. So adorable!!

Annie said...

I love that you were FORCED to go shoe shopping...ahh, the things a mother will do for her child. Just precious photos (and shoes, too!)

hope you had a good birthday weekend :)

Amanda said...

Love the shoes-and you must be absolutely HATING the shoe shopping. :-P

Anonymous said...

He's stylin'. Train them right from the cradle and he'll be a prize catch some day! Love the shoes, is his body keeping up with his feet? See you all TOMORROW!! Mom C