November 12, 2008

We're So Lame

We thought in advance, "hey - how about going out Wednesday night?" and actually followed through and booked a sitter. We thought we'd catch up on some cinema and go see Changeling and then head to a multi-course indulgent dinner after, and MAYBE be back by 11PM.

Ahem... Enter reality.

We got to the theater and realized that Madagascar II was a whole hour SHORTER than Changeling, and both of us (already yawning at the ripe hour of 7PM) decided that short and funny beats long and thoughtful, so we opted for the cartoon. After the flick (which didn't totally suck, but really wasn't that great) we headed to a sushi bar where we knew we could fill up on relatively healthy goodies without having to wait on courses... and we were home by 9:17. At least the black miso cod was delicious.

So, date night found us relieving the babysitter a bit earlier than planned and cuddled up on the couch enjoying the CMA's. And we don't even listen to country music... that much. Ahh, the difference a year makes.

Tonight was perfect.


Amanda said...

I love, love, love this post! :)

We bought a bunch of movies this past week to take on our trip with us and just to have at home. Some kids movies and some for us.

This past Saturday I was debating taking a nap, but figured let's watch a movie first! We had about 10 adult (not "ADULT", but rated R movies) movies to choose from and we ended up choosing the shorter "Tinkerbell" and then opting for a nap.


Rebecca said...

Cracking me up with how different things will really be. Do I have any idea? Probably not :)

At least you had some good one on one time with the husband, right? Perfect.

stephanie said...

Heh, Jason surprised me with a babysitter last night and took me out to our favorite sushi place for our anniversary. We were able to stay out until 10:30 before the contagious yawns took over both of us.

I seem to remember a time, not too long ago, that we didn't even go out until 10:30.

Barbara said...

For my election party, I was really glad Obama cleaned up early so everyone was gone by about 10:30. whew.