November 16, 2008


Having a passport has always meant the world to us. It's the reason we can truly say we've seen the eyes of their eyes, and something we will never take for granted. Sure, it's resulted in slightly elevated trials during travel (Brazil, Morocco, France post-2004 election), but we're always just plain and simple GRATEFUL to have the ability to be a part of the world's international "system" and gain a better understanding, perspective, on life (most favorites would be Bolivia, Italy, and no particular order).

Given the fact that passports are at the forefront of my mind, I'm clearly ready to travel. To take the next trip - go somewhere else, explore somewhere different. Spin the globe, point a finger, get the passports out and go somewhere. Only this time we can't just get-up-and-go, because we're one passport short. Ash is so ready to continue his explorations, has already proven his airplane-loving life via trips throughout the US, and I'm convinced has the heart of a traveler. As soon as our readoption paperwork makes it through the NY court system and we're issued a court date we'll know exactly when his next (international) exploration will be... and we can't wait.

While waiting we're more than happy to appreciate where we currently are. Happy, puddle jumping, almost-Thanksgiving NY. But still really really excited to book that trip to Honk Kong... any day now!


Amanda said...

:) How long is the readoption process in NY? I remember you posting about it being fairly involved. I think we're fortunate-we received a packet of info from our homestudy agency and they said it's fairly simple, just takes some time.

Fortunately for us, we're pros at the paperwork.

And, I cannot WAIT to see pics of Ash in Hong Kong.
Love the puddle jumping photo.

You guys are the world's coolest parents, by the way.

Rebecca said...

Hong Kong? Good times. Traveling is so important. Opening your eyes to other cultures is something you can't do enough.

We look forward to Ash's adventures!

Brooke said...

Isn't it a strange feeling to not have a passport for Ash? It's almost like you feel trapped, right?

We have to wait 6 months in our state before we can start the re-adoption. Bummer!

Wow, Hong Kong, that will be amazing.

DawnKane said...

Hey Jo, just wondering if you have looked into traveling with Ash on his Ethiopian passport. Kane and I were hoping to do this with Zara since Kane will be gone so much. Granted, there are certain countries that Ethiopian passport travel may be difficult, but we are planning on Australia (which we have found is no issue at all, just requires a visa upon entry) and most of Europe. Just food for thought!