November 3, 2008

Clueless But Certain

I have no clue why many readers couldn't read posts under the recent redesign, or why the problem is magically solved now that I've gone to a stark white blog background. I have no clue why Ash has decided that food is now the enemy and prefers to be on a purely liquid all soy milk all the time diet. I have no clue how to perfectly handle the multiple back and forths to the city this week and which ones should take priority, justify staying the night in Brooklyn, or even justify utilizing the newest potential SOLVE ALL OUR PROBLEMS drop off daycare center less than a mile from our apartment. I'm clueless, and I'm so OK with that.

I'm clueless as to how tomorrow will turn out, but I'm 100% certain on what I'll do to impact the outcome. VOTE.

These two adorable boys can rest assured that their mom's will vote


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it works for me now! Cn you send me the pics of you & Ash in wheel barrow and him in the pile of leaves? My fidge needs some fall.

Love Mom C

Annie said...

How cute! Isn't it fun to see our children enjoying/exploring things for the first time. Playing in leaves is such a FUN childhood memory.

Happy Election Day!