November 12, 2008

Road To Readoption

We're finally moving forward to make everything A-Z 100% NON-reversibly FINISHED. I'm actually quite stunned that it took us this long (a whole whopping 5 months) but I suppose there were better things to do with our time over the last nearly 1/2-year that may justify having put this process off. In NY the process involves hiring a lawyer, filling out and notarizing a ton of forms, fingerprinting (AGAIN! Seriously, this is the 3rd set of fingerprints we've had taken - why are our digitized federal fingerprints that we had taken for our I-171H not suitable?), and a few other paperwork lovely experiences like physicals, marriage certificates, and the like. It's like recompiling a dossier for the purpose of just recompiling your dossier - because nothing has changed, they just need it all to be redone, again. I don't get it, but I'll happily do it, because it's what needs to be done.

And regardless of how long it takes us to complete the readoption the fact still remains that at the beginning, middle, and end of each and every LOVELY day we already have a very precious document - his Ethiopian birth certificate that lists the names of his parents...Ours.

As of today we've submitted all of the necessary documents to our lawyer with the exception of our medicals. Ash's pediatrician is working on his and Mike and I go in to our doctor tomorrow to have ours filled out, so hopefully we'll have the remaining docs in the mail by early next week. And then we wait, again, for a court date. Only this time court will be in NY and the possibility of not making it through due to lack of electricity or water or any number of events should not be an issue. The court date we receive this time should be pretty set in stone.

Once completed we'll have Ashton's US birth certificate which will reflect his name change, his Social Security Card (and number of course), and the ability to file for a US passport. Yee-freaking-double-haw. We'll finally be able to book that trip to Hong Kong we've been planning and hopefully bring our son overseas a few times before he turns 2 and full-priced airfare kicks in ;)

Happy date night Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Another reason for a party, you know how I love celebrating milestones! Good job, you two! Love Mom C

stephanie said...

I am so sorry to hear you have to go through all of that in New York to re-adopt. That's crazy. We were able to do ours pro se and really just had to fill out a lot of paperwork. It's final now and I'm just storing up enough stamina to go to the Social Security office.

Barbara said...

Big steps! Yay!