November 4, 2008


The United States of America has elected an African American male as their President. My mind is at a loss right now and couldn't possibly add anything of greater meaning than that which has just happened. History people, HISTORY. Some pretty freaking fabulous history.

Cheers to a new America.


stephanie said...

I couldn't be any prouder to be American.


Anonymous said...

How I envy all African Americans at this moment in history. I yearn for the time when I can see myself, a woman, in the same role. Hats off to Obama, let's all join him in doing our part to make the next four years about recovery, healing and citizen particpation in bringing real change to America. Mom C

Anonymous said...

Obama will be the Dictator of the Socialist States of Obamamerica.

The only people who want a Socialist Marxist President are those who want something for NOTHING.
Modern day Robin Hood...steal from people who work to give to those that don't.
Expect a DEPRESSION next year people. Businesses that he shakes down for more money will just raise the prices of their services or products and lay people off.
Get ready, because a DEPRESSION is on it's way !
I also don't think people realize that tax increases on ANYONE will affect EVERYONE.
Raise someone's taxes and they will just raise the prices or prices of their services of whatever they do for a living and pass it on down.
If someone works very hard for a living to get ahead, they should not have someone else "steal" it to give it to someone else. Just because some people make wise choices in life and get rewarded for it out of hard work, does not mean they should give it to those who made bad choices.
No ones hands belong in MY pockets but MINE.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you anonymous. I'm very scared for the direction our country is headed. All we can do is turn to God and pray that He will bring us comfort.

Barbara said...

You guys down there kill me. I love the way you dig into a position and fight for it. But frankly, if you have an opinion, take credit for it. I'd like to think we can all have a respectful, intellectual debate. So put your names on your comments, slackers.

Anonymous said...

A quote sometimes attributed to Voltaire goes like this. I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. That's why we have elections; sometimes my candidate wins, sometimes they don't. I agree to at least put some kind of a name that is identifiable to Mike & Jo since this is THEIR blog. They are entitled to their opinion as are we. There is a respectful way to disagree with another's opinion and that includes owning up to your opinion. History will tell us if those elected were the right choice; but you have to wait for it to happen before it's history. I work with a mixed crowd of political opinions, but we make it work by being respectful when voicing our opinions and not resorting to anonymous comments.
Carol McG

Mike & Jo said...

I find it interesting that the name calling and negative anonymous comments were made to a post that was clearly aimed at celebrating a major turning point in US history, not a post aimed at prompting specific issue discussion. An incredible racial barrier has been broken, no EXPLODED and our children - my child - will now grow up in a world where African Americans can do and be anything, not just because their mommies tell them so but because history tells them so.

Race is still and will continue to be a serious issue in the USA, but this week we leaped one giant step closer to truly being a unified America.

My political views and reasons for supporting Obama will always have opponents and I encourage healthy discussion, but that's not what this post is about - and the fact that some completely miss this point time after time is just one more reason why the events of this week were so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you but Ashton CANNOT be president someday since he wasn't born in America.

Mike & Jo said...

So, based on the previous comment I assume that you believe that because my son cannot be president that celebrating a milestone for a historically discriminated against group is unjust. Are you kidding me? Of course I'm aware that Ash could never be president of the USA, and I'm certain that anyone who's made it this far in my blog should understand that. I'm hoping your comment was just a really insulting blotched-attempt at sarcasm and not how you actually think. Your comment serves no other purpose than to toss out yet another unrelated point to a conversation that can't be won by anyone unwilling to just CELEBRATE last week's victory for all Americans. If you still don't get it, rewatch McCain's concession speech. I'm not talking politics, I'm talking humanity.

Mike & Jo said...

Just another note - Had McCain selected Condoleezza Rice as his running mate and won the election I would have posted THIS EXACT SAME POST WORD FOR WORD.

Janelle said...

Just wanted to clear something up... for any of you wonderful people out there who read this fantastic blog... who ever the anonymous "janelle" person is, it wasn't me, Janelle, Jo's sister! Just wanted to clear that up! We love our sweet wonderful little Ashton, and celebrate with Mike and Jo on this milestone for our country!