August 9, 2009

Excuse Me, Does Your Child Have An Indoor Voice?

Apparently the woman sitting behind us on the flight home was less than pleased with Ash's enthusiastic announcement of every single airplane that passed us while we sat on the tarmac for an hour and a half. MOMMY! Plane REEEED! MOMMY! Plane BLUUUUE! MOMMY! Plane SILVER like DADDY'S CAR! I politely smiled and told her, "well, I guess we'll find out!" and went about my business engaging my two year old in interesting and humorous conversation while several others (adult travelers) proceeded to become whiny and restless with the delay. As Ash excitedly shouted ALL DONE! HOME! when we landed, those same adult travelers were still complaining about the late landing. Needless to say Miss "does your child have an indoor voice" made a point of commending his travel behavior when we landed in NY. Booya.

BU 09 was amazing, the children were amazing, the families were amazing, the mojitos were amazing, and the city of Chicago played a fabulous host. It's going to take some time to wade through the pictures and do the weekend justice without posting all 973 of them, so for now I leave you with this one. Just two of the group of many adorable little Ethiopian beauties who decided almost instantly that they might just kind of like each other. Just a little bit.

And last but not least, Ash in all his glory grooving with some new moves on the last night in the hotel. He went from this to completely tipped over and out like a light in about 3.4 seconds. And then mommy and daddy followed about 2.6 seconds after that. I officially declare tomorrow National Sleep In Till 8AM Day.

Shake shake! Shake your booty! Shake shake! Shake your booty YEAH!!! (The Ash rendition)


Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

oh, some people!! I would have likely needed to be concerned about my own inside voice at that point!

Hope to meet you someday - perhaps next BU.

Look forward to the pics. I enjoy following your blog.


PC said...

It was great to see that the same person who can complain also has the grace to compliment.Honestly, for those of us who have been sans chilren, you always wonder just a little about how the flight will go when you're seated near kids. Stan still delightlfully tells the stoy about Mike's flight from Anchorage where a child kicked the bacl of his seat for 3 hours. Kindof a God gotcha!

Off to shake my booty. Glad BU waas such a great time.

Meg, Gregg and Sammy said...

I'm so bummed we had to miss 99% of BU due to Lola going missing. We did get her back today...the police had taken her to a hospital about 1/2 hour after she left the yard. If we would have known that, we could have enjoyed the weekend with you and the rest of the families. Dying to hear all about it!!

Karen said...

With a voice as sweet as Ash's, there is absolutely no reason to keep the volume down.

Miss you guys and look forward to more mojitos and green apples!

Karen said...

Just showed Mia the video - and she started saying her version of Ashton's name and giggling while dancing along. Oh how I miss having her little friendand babysitter around...:-)