August 28, 2009

Give A Boy A Fork...

And all of a sudden he's a rock star. Smack dab in the middle of dinner in the middle of the restaurant he insisted that mommy and daddy join in on the rock session. It was communicated to us in a "MOMMY, FORK! ROCK OUT!" kind of tone, which as you can guess was a request we were more than happy to oblige.

He's growing so fast. And by that I mean one day he's my 27 months and 2 day old son who can conjugate verbs and the next he's my 27 months and 3 day old son who is on searching for tickets to a Michael Franti show that he thinks might serve as the great next family outing.

And I've never felt more grooved.


Annie said...

you definitely have a rock star there! (too cute :)

Amanda and Co. said...

The kids always jam out to that song!

Your son is hysterical. I love his little personality! Love it :)