August 24, 2009

Storytime Monday

A 2 year old on a motorcycle set forth with his dreams for the weekend.

Of course being the proper boy that he is, he made sure to check with mommy first. She said it was OK as long as he kept his hat on.

So he did

But then he arrived at his BFF's house and other hats evolved, of the "rip the tots room apart in as many directions as possible" type. And they did.

But they were quick to escape the scene. Clever little bunnies...

But alas they were caught, dancing and jiving and shaking their booties. Weekend bliss.

And Mommy and Daddy were left with no other option than to partake in an exhausting Sunday brunch at Marcus Samuelson's Aquavit while the boy napped. Quietly, soundly, and for a full 2 hours. Brunch bliss.


Jill said...

Okay, seriously. We need an Ashton intervention! Mari has NEVER fallen asleep ANYwhere in public. Apparently I'm not working hard enough to wear her out!

PC said...

Thoughtful of you to include a nice Rose with their dinner :)

kristine said...

wow! great job! a two hour brunch!!!!! and you didn't have to pay for the baby sitter. brilliant!