August 21, 2009

Friday's Favorites

Thursday's appear to be the new date night, at least for Ash and Mommy or Ash and Daddy that is. Daddy's been on more airplanes than he'd like to admit lately and Mommy's busy season is now officially underway, and for some reason Thursdays are always the night when at least one of us isn't home. So, it's been dubbed the night when Ash gets taken out by the one of us who isn't traveling. He seems to think that's OK and with the brilliance that is Skype we don't even miss our goodnight snuggle, though I highly recommend waiting until you're in the privacy of your hotel room to hug your computer. I may have gotten a few puzzled looks from the folks in the hotel lounge as I blew a kiss and wrapped my arms around my laptop. Apparently it's not yet "the norm" to Skype in public. Who'dofthunkit. If only they knew the adorableness I was virtual-loving at the time they totally would've understood. TGIF.

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Cloverland Farm said...

have been keeping up w/ you while away and can now finally write to say what a fun summer you've have!!!! and skype is kick ass. xo