August 13, 2009

A Little Man

Seems to have taken over our household. He wakes up, shouts out in the most adorable voice "mommy playwithmeeee" and then we play in his room for a while. Then he asks to brush his teethe, says "new diaper please" and eventually points to the staircase and informs me that its time to go downstairs for cereal. We sing together on the way to school and without a doubt he asks for his spider snack and apple box even though he knows full well that spider snack (Spider-Man shaped gummy snacks) and apple box (apple juice box) are saved as a special treat for when we pick him up from school. He eventually shoots the most heart warming smile in my direction alongside his silly face which lets me know that he knew all along it wasn't time for spider snack and apple box, but he thought it couldn't hurt to try.

And then we find ourselves dining on the patio of a local cafe enjoying an evening. And by that I mean everything going on in the world around us seemed to suffice just fine for the evening's entertainment. The guitar players downstairs playing some tunes, the birds who insisted on moving from one spot to another (Ash was so bummed that he couldn't figure out how to lure the bird to his chair) and believe it or not just some good ol fashioned conversation and ambiance. I didn't even have to break out his toy Woody doll and purple horsie until the very end, and that was just because mommy insisted on savoring the last few sips of a delicious new Malbec.

When I say it's time for night night he takes my hand and helps pick out his jammies, and when mommy or daddy have been away working he stands at the window and points at each car in anticipation of "MOMMY'S CAR! or DADDY'S CAR!" pulling up the driveway. And when it finally does he launches into the cutest little happy dance, complete with jumping and clapping and head bobbing and well, you get the picture. When he's excited he lets you know it.

And sometimes he's a pain in the arse. Sometimes he insists on being a two year old (the nerve!) and sometimes he requires some additional observation just to make sure he doesn't build an airplane out of some silverware and bedsheets and decide to go blast off from the kitchen table. But for the most part he just wants to run and jump and paint and sing and dance and eat and twirl a lot, which from where we're standing seems to be symptomatic of a pretty OK way to be passing time.

A little man is in the house, and mama is feeling the love.


Amanda and Co. said...

Crazy how quickly they develop. Cute photo :)

Karen said...

Such a sweet boy. Such a sweet mama. And such a sweet post!