August 7, 2009

Friday's Favorites

Ash has been stalking these two for about a year now so was quite surprised when mommy said, "Ash, want to go see Amilia and Miles?" and then instead of walking him to my laptop (where he thought they lived, somewhere inside the screen under the cover of Blogger and/or Facebook) took him downstairs to meet them live and in person! Fun times with some of the world's most adorable little Ethiopians quickly ensued, albeit bar-side in the swanky lounge of the W hotel... The hotel managers were rock stars though and put up with didn't mind the little ones as they jumped (catapulted?) from red couch to glass table to embroidered silk pillow all whilst their proud parents sipped martinis payed oh so close attention to their tots every moves. And then Ash came through with the ultimate gift, a 7:30AM wake up! Let's just say that at that hour I had no problem treating him to his $20 breakfast in bed of chicken sausage, bacon, and a side of bacon. Oh, and a large side of buna for mommy. Lovin'it.

PS: Great Grandma and Grandpa Wienke/Soer, Ash LOVES Lake Michigan! Now if you could please pull some swing with the man upstairs and give us a bright sunny day tomorrow so that we can all go swimming we'd really appreciate it. And it would be even better if you could sprinkle some of that rain with your homemade rice krispy treats... Thanks in advance, Love, Ash.


Jill said...

SO JEALOUS!! Hope you are having a blast. Love the picture with room service. That kid travels in style.

Jill said...

Mari wants to add a message:
"As-ton, you my boyfriend, no gurlfriends for you. You like me. I LOVE you. I fwy on awaplane to see As-ton." (Translation: don't be picking up any new chicks out there, you're spoken for!)

Brooke said...

Glad you are having fun. So wish we were there! Love the picture of Ash and his ladies.

Gamma! said... since Great Grandma Wienke is a little busy in heaven, does that mean the Gamma has to take up the mantle of making rice krispie treats? Sounds like a subtle (or not) request from the mom! Note to self: take note for next visit :)
Glad to see you're having so much fun. Throw a few stones into Lake Michigan for Papa!

courtney rose said...

I can't wait to hear all about it... how I wish we could have been there this year!!!