August 15, 2009

Nice People

This was the only moment spent sitting still in these chairs, and as you can tell he wasn't exactly thrilled about it. He'd much rather be jumping from one to the other and back to the other saying "Ashton's chair?" then "Owen's chair?" and then eventually asking if the chair was really Moe's or Mia's and at one point it became Mari's, so really the question is - when are any or all of you coming to visit? I love the impression that other children make on Ash. When he meets someone fun to play with (in person or online, and no, we haven't signed him up for a dating service but he is a frequenter on Blogger and Facebook to keep up with his long distance buds) he remembers them. He remembers what they shared with him, sometimes in the form of fun new toys and sometimes in the form of cool new words to say. In Mari's case it's usually a new song to sing, and in the case of his daycare buddies it's usually a fun new act like jumping up and down or twirling around in circles till you tip over dizzy. Love that one. Anyhow, the point is there are lots of really nice people out there and we love meeting them and watching how Ash automatically identifies them as nice people and almost instantaneously incorporates them into his vocabulary. It's just, nice.

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Karen said...

We really want to come visit! Mia would love to sit in the Owen chair and eat green apples. We should plan a trip down to Atlanta too - I know Stephanie would love to have all of us join them after Halloween season is over! Right Steph? :-)