August 30, 2009

Storytime Monday

Flip flops. That's what started this whole crazy weekend. damn things...

Followed by the need to pronounce a vegetable name without using my lips? Who are these crazy folks?

But FINALLY we were really there. The land of whirling and twirling and zooming and booming - the land of BLUE TONGUES! We were AT HERSHEY PARK!

But really, all I wanted was horsies, which came soon enough.

And mere moments later it was time to host a party at my house. I was quite kind in sharing, for the time being at least.

And mommy even had a flicker of a thought that 2 children could be possible. Let's just clarify that it was just a flicker of a thought and by no means a first step to any insane process potentially conjured up by that last sentense. Mommy may have experienced a momentary lapse of reasoning and is now in time out.

We dig the life as is. The happy one that includes days like this.

And moments like these.

And days at the fair when everything feels like a possibility while you soak up the cool'ish August air and breath a deep sigh of relief that this isn't just a dream.

The end.


Mamushsky World Headquarters said...

Love this last photo on the ride. Whatta smile!!!

Gamma! said...

Looks like you were making some great memories, but I've gotta tell you there's nothing like making memories at the Great Minnesota Get together! Just think of all the memories we could make - we've got pigs on steroids! :) Anyway, consider this your invite - a whole year to plan! Love you! Gamma
P.S. 4 days and counting till I get to start making some great special memories with you all! Can't wait!

Cloverland Farm said...

love love love it. it will soon be time to pick apples...can we come up again?