August 3, 2009

Our Big Boy

"There's nothing baby about him anymore, he's a BOY!" Those were the words of one of my best friends, mom to an adorable little 7 month old girl, and apparently still naive to the stinging sensation that slams mothers every time they're reminded by others that their "little one" is no longer a little one. I forgave her this one time because she totally rocks it as a mom. Honestly I believe it was said out of love, and honestly I wasn't really bothered by it, and honestly... I kind of like the fact that I have a child who can provide as much interesting dinner conversation as any adult at the table! I feel like I should be experiencing the "sting" of having my baby boy go full throttle to big boy, but really truly it kind of rocks. No, it totally rocks.

He's a thinker. He's a talker. And when he can't find the words to talk, he uses his hands and his body to explain. Sometimes this makes him a pain in the ass (just try and use motions to tell someone you want them to find your sticker book and place the stickers in strategic locations around the house all previously planned out by you without using any'd be frustrated too!) He's a singer, a musical instrument player, a runner and a climber and a very big jumper. He's a lover. He's ours. And one day, eventually, writing "he's ours" wont immediately bring me to tears. One day.


Valerie Z said...

awww, how sweet! And yes they do grow sooo fast- just know everyday gets better & better!!

kristine said...

Oh...I think he still has baby in him - look at those cheeks! But that's my perspective with a 6 almost seven year old.

He's adorable! And you will probably always be teary eyed. At least that's my guess!

Gamma! said...

Fast forward 28 years and you'll still be experiencing tears - of pride, joy, excitement of who your child has become. Love you honey!

Jill said...

I started crying as soon as I read "He's ours." Isn't it overwhelming some days? I started crying in the middle of the roller skating rink a couple weeks ago as I was skating hand-in-hand with Mari...MY DAUGHTER!