November 1, 2007

Hold On, Wait A Minute...

I'm feeling a little sad about using the words "excited" and "anxious" and "antsy" so much lately. At some point over the next year Bean is going to experience a life altering tragedy and as a result is going to be separated from his/her biological parents. We have been feeling all sorts of emotions throughout this process, and two of the most essential are grief and mourning over Bean's loss. There are tears of joy and sadness.

We read an article this week about one family who every year on their child's birthday gathers on the front lawn and lets a balloon fly away with a note attached for the child's birth mother. The child looks forward to this communication she has with her mother every year. Other families write notes, say prayers, and participate in various annual activities to remember the child's birth family. We've been doing a lot of reading and research to make sure that Bean is aware and proud of who he/she is and where he/she came from and how loved he/she is. Perhaps one of our new traditions will be to release three balloons, one green, one yellow, and one red. Just to make sure they know where to go.


gretchen lee said...

wow - what a beautiful idea!!

Patricia said...

Daer Jo and Mike, Bean's parent/parents are choosing a better life for their baby. They are making the ultimate sacriface so that their child can live in a better place than they can provide.

Yours is a sacred trust. As you grow as a family the path will become clear. Love Always Mom C