January 22, 2009


This time last year we booked a last minute getaway to Mexico City. This time two years ago we jetted off to the Dominican Republic for a long weekend. Both were during winter, both to warm places, and both very very needed. January and February used to be two of my favorite months when we lived in SW Montana, but in NY they're just two really cold really long months when the sun rises all together too early in the morning and sets way before it should in the evening. In years past it hasn't taken much to lift our spirits and carry us till Spring, just a few days someplace warm and sunny where every drink comes paired with a little purple umbrella. Ash is really going to love the warm, the sun, the pool, the ocean, and I'm pretty sure even the umbrella! Just one problem this year...we're one passport short, but thankfully not for long.

We're just waiting for the NY Courts to assign us our court date to finalize Ash's adoption and then we'll have the piece of paper (we'll actually walk out of Court with it in hand) that we need to apply for his passport, and since all of the County offices are all in one building we're planning on taking that piece of paper and walking it next door to arrange for an expedited passport. If all goes well we'll have his passport within 72 hours of the court date, and if all goes really well we'll be on a plane to some form of paradise within days later. And you thought the waiting and the counting down stopped when you return home from Ethiopia... Though I must say that this wait and this countdown rocks all of those prior.

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