January 4, 2009


You might be a parent to a 1-2 year old when:

*You're forced out of bed at an unseemly hour before the sun rises, yet somehow can still be found smiling while the early waker sucks down a sippy cup of milk while watching The Wiggles.

*Sunday NFL games go hand in hand with teaching someone in the room new "key" vocabulary such as "TOUCHDOWN", "FLAG, FLAG!" and "CHOO CHOO". (That last one might be for times when the game is running on the slower side and some train set playing time is in order.)

*The calories in your refrigerator are obscenely skewed towards liquids such as whole milk, straight up fruit smoothies, and juice juice juice.

*When others pinch their noses due to an unfortunate scent in the room you react with, "oh that's nothing like what little Bub pushed out of his bottom yesterday" or "yeah, well you should've been around when little Popeye drooled this amazing new yellow out of his bum..."

*Suddenly it's ok to talk about leaking bodily fluids with strangers.

*A random smile makes you cry. Actually, let's change that to pretty much any look that's shot in your general direction from your little one that you're sure is a sign that they know who you are and are willing to put up with you for a little while longer, just in case you're worth hanging on to. And then they do - hang on to you.

There have been many many times over the past 7 months when I've held on and not wanted to let go, but this past weekend he held on to me with the kind of grip that screams I KNOW YOU AND WANT YOU. And we just cuddled for a while, and then a bit longer. I'm the luckiest mofomama on the planet.


Jocelyn said...

Very sweet post!! And...very very true:-)

Gamma! said...

Wow! What a tribute to mommyhood. Bless you sweetheart, and bless our precious Ashton. You and Mike are prayed for daily. Parenting is the most important "job" you have and I am so proud of you both. Ashton - what's mofomamma? :) Have a great day going back to reality! Love you all.

Annie said...

Did you ever think it could be THIS wonderful (bad days and all)?

Happy New Year!

Meg DeZutti said...

I cannot wait until those days come. I was visiting my favorite 4 mos old this weekend and during a major meltdown just looked at her adoringly, and thought "I cannot wait until Sam does!" Her parents thought I was certifiable!

Jill said...

You can totally tell when their hugs change from a quick "okay, I'm giving you the hug you demanded" to the "mommy, I love you and just want to be loved on for a minute." Mari has really started hugging the last month or so and now says "I Wuv You." It's so sweet. I hate to see them all growing up but there is definitely some sweetness that comes with it!

Misty said...

Okay. It's official. You cannot write a post that doesn't make me laugh, or cry, or both. I love it~!

stephanie said...

Awwwww, I KNOW YOU AND I WANT YOU, how beautifully sweet! And I second what Misty said above me.