January 25, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Dance Party

These are the kinds of pictures you get when your 20 month old decides it's time for a Sunday afternoon dance party. We cranked the volume on some reggae and jammed for almost an hour.

Ash's vocabulary is exploding. He figured out how to use the scooter we gave him for Christmas (one leg on the base, one leg on the ground to push). His mind seems to be content with always being on overdrive and I swear we had a riveting conversation about rigatoni noodles vs bowtie pasta in the car on the way home from the gym today. Tomorrow he's going to teach me his newest spinning dance move and I'm pretty sure he'll be making our morning coffee by Tuesday. He's mentioned wanting to run for local office sometime soon to round out his schedule (he's not satisfied with the swing to slide ratio at the playground), and as you've probably figured out I'm currently in a freaking out stage over how quickly he's growing up.

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Rebecca said...

Really? Can you get over all the cuteness of Ash? I love every picture of that cute boy!