January 18, 2009


The folks over at Franklyn D. Resort in Jamaica appear to have figured it out. When mom, dad, and child check-in to their all-inclusive 1, 2, or 3 bedroom suite they're also introduced to their "vacation nanny" who's services are included with your stay. For example, he/she will build sand castles with the tot while you read a trashy mystery novel poolside with your umbrella drink. And if you require his/her services in the evening the rate is just $4/hour. Where do I sign?

One of their current promotions that I don't get, however, is the BYOG deal. Bring Your Own Grandparent. Granted, according to this deal you can bring one grandparent (for free) for every paying adult and receive a free room upgrade to accommodate said grandparent, but tell me this: If grandma is already joining us on vacation, then why would we pay extra to stay at a resort that includes a vacation nanny? They must not have met Ash's grandmas.

So, for those folks out there teetering on the edge of the its-been-way-too-cold-for-way-too-long ledge and are searching for some relief, I recommend Jamaica, a vacation nanny, and if you can swing it... BYOG!


Gamma! said...

Where do we sign up?! :)

Anonymous said...

I think the nanny would be for when you could tear the grandmas (or grandpas) away from Ashton for a dinner out. Bringing the grandparents along would be one way to a) get them somewhere warm for a change and b)repay them for being such an important part of life! Carol McG

TrekkerT said...

It sounds like these FDR resorts sit down once a month and go "what can we do next to make it impossible for parents to resist?" ... At first, when I heard about the vacation nanny concept I was stunned and a little bothered. It didn't seem right to me, but after reading more about the issue from people who have done this, I am far less skeptical.

I don't know about brining a grandparent though. With the nanny as the main draw to FDR, I would want to use that resource, thus denying grandma time.

Such a dilemma!