January 10, 2009

Weekends, The Cure All

Apparently all it takes is a weekend to completely forget about how absorbed with work and unabsorbed with sleep we've been lately. Waking up together on a Saturday morning just makes everything all better. Not that anything was bad, not at all actually. Life is pretty good on all counts. But there's just something about leaving a work week behind and jumping in to a weekend of snow, snow, and more snow that leaves one of those ridiculously huge permanent smiles on your face. Some things never change: 1) We LOVE snow 2) We LOVE weekends 3) EVERYTHING is better with Ash around, even the two hours on Saturday afternoon when he's sound asleep napping in his crib :)

Ash woke up from his nap to more snow falling outside and can't wait to go sledding!

Can we go NOW???

Come sit by me and let me charm you in to taking me sledding...

OK, that didn't go according to plan. How am I going to make this man take me sledding?

The direct approach - I want YOU to take me sledding!


Gamma! said...

I could swear I hear him saying "I need YOU Gamma!" Boy does that sound tempting! Glad to hear/see you're having a good weekend. Love you all!

Mary said...

Just have to tell you how adorable your son is and to thank you for telling your story. We are just beginning our adoption journey to Ethiopia and stories like yours inspire us and give us hope! :)

Best wishes for your family!
Jake and Mary

Misty said...

He is way too cute. I'm a little curious about his fashion sense though;)