January 23, 2009

Quack Quack Shoes

Ashton really wanted to wear his "quack quack" shoes to school today and was devastated when we made him put on his sneakers. I'm sure his teachers wouldn't have minded (and probably would've had a good laugh over it) but my fear of what other parents would think kicked in and overruled. In general I couldn't really care less what other people think but apparently when it comes to raising my child I could. When does being a parent begin including enough confidence to sluff off other parent's criticisms? I'm not talking constructive criticism, that I can definitely take (and encourage). I'm talking about the looks that send your mind sailing into thoughts of questioning your methods even when you know that what you're doing is part of your well thought out parenting plan, or at least you think it is. But that's what I'm talking about - the moments when you should have enough confidence to say to yourself, "fine for them, but not for us" but for some reason don't yet have enough confidence to be able to pull off that simple sentence. I should have let him wear his quack quack shoes to school today. Bad mommy.

That settles it. Tonight we're going out for dinner and Ash will wear his quack quack shoes. And maybe I'll wear my leopard print slippers. TGIF!


Brooke said...

TGIF! I love it, Ash is ready to step out of the social norms..even if Mama isn't ready for it yet. SO cute.

Have a good weekend.

Annie said...

I love when I see a child in the store on a sunny summer day in shorts and their rain boots ;) It puts a smile on my face. I have yet to hit these struggles but know that in just a few short months we will be there :)

hope you had a great dinner out.

Bonny said...

You'll build up that thick skin soon enough. You're not a bad mommy! :-)