January 9, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard

I think I may have unleashed the cause of my uninspired-to-blog mentality as of late. When we first became 3 we were so exhausted that I felt almost compelled to post just to make it seem as though I was still walking among the living (those of you who spent months instead of just weeks in this phase, bless you) so I would post regardless of the hour. After a while we came to terms with the fact that, for sanity's sake, 2AM laptop sessions should probably come to an end and we needed to begin maintaining a somewhat "normal" sleep schedule that was more on par with our tot's. For the most part this meant that in order to get 8 hours of sleep we would need to be snoozing by 10PM. Something I wouldn't have thought possible but we eventually figured it out and made it work. For about a week...

We're now finding ourselves back into bad habits that are not limited to just sleep. We're working more, staying up later, being more active (not a bad thing, but in the scheme of things isn't exactly helping), and overall for the past month or so have felt more like zombies than a care free family enjoying the holiday and winter season. But then when I give it a bit more thought, maybe it's not zombies that we feel like but something more along the lines of what we were used to pre-child. Maybe its actually just NOW that we're starting to normalize and bring our lives as a family of 3 into a sustainable routine - one that resembles much more "us" and much less what the world thinks that "us + 1" should look like?

In any case, old habits certainly do die hard and the fact remains that we need to start hitting the sheets before midnight, or maybe 12:30, but most certainly before 1:00AM. Certainly. Or, I would just need to find the job and social environment that would support a new status quo, as well as somehow hypnotize my child into sleeping past 6:15AM. For the first time in my life actually changing a habbit might be the easy route. If I get 5 hours of sleep a night that leaves me with 19 hours to get things done, which if I completed in 18.5 would leave me with a half hour to...go insane. Apparently I need to learn to function on less sleep. Suggestions?

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PC said...

No "right" way I think. Listen to your body. If you find yourself crabby with the best grandson in the whole wide world, I'd suggest more sleep!!! Mom C