February 1, 2009

Can't Help But Wonder

This weekend was wonderful. We were back in Brooklyn, back with friends, back into old habits, and just overall back into a groove we hadn't felt in a while. Granted we've spent time in the city since bringing Ash home, but until recently those times were few and far between. And, don't get me wrong, it's nice to be back "home" now, back to the country and calm and SPACE, but we do love our city - we just love our village too.

That said, I've been on a wondering streak lately. Questioning more than usual, playing the "but what if..." game in my head, and just generally being more curious about things that I must not have had time to be curious about before. (Heh) So, in honor of the fact that so many of my fellow bloggers out there have posted AT LEAST once in the last 2 weeks about being a "bad blogger because of FB", and in honor of that really annoying fabulously informative "25 things" tag going around on FB, I've decided to go rogue and post 25 of my recent curiosities on my blog and just blatently ignore all of the FB "25 things" tags. Long live Blogger. Please don't hate me.

I can't help but wonder...

1) What did Ashton feel like when he was 5 weeks old?
2) How different would our lives be had we moved to LA? (I was set to attend Law School at UCLA and Mike had a photo job offer in LA both as we were getting ready to graduation college. At the last minute we changed our plans and went to NY instead.)
3) What is the homeless man who lived on the church steps across from our first Manhattan apartment up to these days?
4) What if carbs WEREN'T the devil?
5) If Ashton slams his fingers in the door and I comfort him back to happiness, but then he goes and slams his fingers in the exact same door the exact same way, can I laugh?
6) Is it wrong that I smile when my son's eyes start to water because he just ate a spoonful of hot sauce - and liked it?
7) Why wasn't everything made spicy by default?
8) What would the world be like if we all truly and with no judgment considered each other brother and sister.
9) How can so much legislation be passed in the name of God and the "Family Institution" when it has such devastating consequences for those who love each other the most.
10) Why does anyone ever feel justified to judge the love between others?
11) What did Ashton's birth father look like?
12) If you were given a chance to walk a mile in someone's shoes, who's shoes would you chose?
13) I should answer #12 with "Ashton's birthmom" but I have a feeling I wouldn't. Why?
14) If a woman were President would I be feeling or doing anytyhing differently?
15) Does the fact that the answer to #14 is likely "No" mean that I'm missing something?
16) How can I change so that I don't miss anything?
17) My cat smells really good most of the time, but on Sunday nights he usually stinks. Is this a normal part of cat hygene?
18) What if I actually joined a rock band or opened the wine bar or ran a youth hostel?
19) I really just want to buy a building in the city and open/run a youth hostel. Will it ever happen?
20) Imagine how much I wouldn't learn if I didn't meet the travelers who would've passed through my youth hostel but couldn't because I never built it. Is that reason enough to run with a crazy dream?
21) Does Wondemu miss mom?
22) When Ashton is memorized by other African Americans on the NYC Subway, does he already get race or is he just flirting?
23) What if truffle cheese was readily available to everyone? Global happiness or pig revolt?
24) Why would anyone ever want to make a truffel chocolate cake? Mushrooms and chocolate, seriously?
25) If God is truly in control then why, why why why why why, would he not have installed a "don't wake up before 7AM" chip in every child prior to birth? Just think of the happiness this would bring to the world.

I tag all of my fellow bloggers, what can't you help but wonder?


los cazadores said...

Ohhh, as I'm not on FB, I haven't seen this one yet. I will have to really think about it. :)


emaye said...

Ha! I too have refused to bow to the 25-things craze on Facebook. Wise choice to post on blogger.