February 2, 2009

Over A Hump

Daycare might wonder why there's a picture of a woof woof and a meow at the bottom of this week's check...

Two major events occurred simultaneously this morning that brought such huge smiles to our faces I almost hesitate to post them for fear of jinxing the situation. I'll be sure to knock on lots of wood after this one.

*Last night Ashton slept from 8:00PM to 7:06AM with zero wake ups in between. Last week his schedule was more along the lines of 7:45PM - 5:10AM so I'm totally digging the new schedule. PLEASE let this one last for a little while!
*While a 7:06AM wake up call is pretty cool in itself, the fact that IT WAS LIGHT OUTSIDE made this morning the best freaking morning of 2009 so far.

We seem to be over a hump. Bye bye 5AM it's dark out side wake ups, hello 7AM wake up to the shining sun smiles all around morning happiness.

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Meg DeZutti said...

Jo -- I'm totally diggin the chunky froggy sweater! Ash has the BEST wardrobe! You can tell his mama's a fashionista extraordinaire.