February 7, 2009

A Touch Of Spring

OK, so maybe the fact that temps were finally in the 40's today doesn't exactly justify a "spring feeling", but right now I couldn't care less about justifying it because it felt SO GOOD! We wore vests and sweaters with a light hat instead of big puffy jackets and the works and strolled the sidewalks window shopping instead of rushing from heated space to heated space. It was truly delightful.

We woke up intending to take Ashton to a nearby ski hill for his first downhill ski lesson, but a last minute urge to clean out his closet (no small task, trust me, must've been some form of spring fever) ended up consuming the better part of the morning and then it was nap time leaving no time for ski time. So, the skiing adventure has been pushed till tomorrow but I'm so OK with that simply because of how much better it feels to have his clothes organized - literally hours of work just to move from size 12-18 months to 18-24 months. But it's done and I'm thrilled.

Post closet-cleansing we took Ash sledding on the hill in our yard then headed into town to soak up the first warm'ish day in a long time karma. The vibe on the sidewalks was smiles, all smiles. We ate dinner at a local restaurant/billiard hall and then headed home for a jam session. Tonight's playlist included noneother than Old McDonald Had A Farm, Ba Ba Black Sheep, and then we topped the night off with a slamming rendition of Buffalo Soldier, because really what would a night be without a little Bob Marley?

It's amazing how much joy just a touch of spring can bring to a February day.

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Jill said...

I admire your closet cleaning. Isn't it amazing what a huge chore it is to go through clothes. I'm always putting things away that are too big and then forgetting about them until they are almost too small...it's like I need to go through Mari's stuff every couple weeks to keep up. And seriously, the kid has more clothes now than I've ever had my whole life combined!

Good luck with the skiing!