February 5, 2009

Cheese Face

This is Ash's "cheese face". Dad hates it (kind of goes against his whole "I'm a photographer who doesn't need to tell people to say cheese" gig) but I love it. Why? Because daycare has trained him to the point where he, a 20 month old, will turn and smile anytime anyone says cheese. Hence the recent barrage of photos of Ash "smiling". Truth be told he was just donning his daycare cheese face, but as his mom I'm taking this as his announcement to the world that, just like mom and dad, he loves life and is ready to SAY CHEESE! in as many locations as possible.

Ash is 21 months old today which means I only have 3 more months before the answer to the question "how old is he?" goes from "X months" to "X years". Yikes. Happy 21 month birthday baby!


Heather said...

So fun! Braydn has a goofy 'cheese face' at least Ash's is nice.

stephanie said...

That's a whole lotta cheese. Should probably get him one of those cheeseheads ;).