February 26, 2009

Ethiopian Heritage And Culture Camp

Thanks to Jill & Mari we found out about an Ethiopian Heritage and Culture Camp being hosted on the East Coast! A similar camp has been hosted in Northern CA for the last 10 years but this year they decided to expand and offer a camp in Harrisonburg, VA which is about a 2 hour drive from D.C. or 5 hours from NYC. We're pretty certain that we're going to register, it just looks too good to pass up. The camp, which bills itself as "A gathering of families, touched by Ethiopian Heritage" is scheduled for July 24th - 26th and is set to include the following:
  • A notable keynote speaker
  • Have Ethiopian-American speakers that will be very positive role models for your kids
  • We will hold a panel discussion with youth and adult Ethiopian adoptees
  • Have age appropriate language classes for kids
  • Ethiopian children’s games, songs and art projects
  • Have dance (Eskista) instruction, cooking lessons, hair braiding and hair braiding lessons
  • Coffee ceremony and much more!
All this plus a beautiful setting, swimming, fishing, how could we possibly say no? They estimate that for a family of 3 the cost will be around $550 for the weekend which includes lodging, all food, all activities, and all daycare (they provide daycare during the adult-only speakers/events). Sign me up! Anyone else out there going to join us? (Click here for more info)


Jill said...

We're there...oh course, it helps that I live about 30 minutes away. I can't wait to meet you guys and anyone wlse who might come!

losiloni said...

We are also considering going... would love to meet up with you when we are there...