February 23, 2009

Monday Night Jam Session

Just when I think he's transformed from rocker musician into baking genius he reminds me of his ability to diversify. He may bake one hell of a chocolate chip cookie but nothing beats his mad ukulele jamming out skills. Nothing.

The funniest part is that he has to make sure he has ALL of his instruments in play at least once during the jam session, which unfortunately for us includes his Elmo guitar. I thought we had finally seen the end of "Jam with Elmo" when my sister gave him a much cooler MUCH less annoying kiddie electric guitar for Christmas, but alas he still manages to pull Elmo out of the crevasses of his music box from time to time. It might be time for the musical sledgehammer to pay a visit to the McGregors... No offense intended Elmo. Well, maybe just a little.


Gamma! said...

Good morning! Thanks for making me smile so early in the morning! Keep on rockin' Ashton...love you, gamma

los cazadores said...

That Ashton is a rockstar!!! Woot!

Cute video!


PC said...

Too much fun, looks like the two of them are in line for group music lessons.

Emily said...

Oh man. My son Oscar had this horrible Wiggles guitar that sang songs. Sadly, we somehow lost it (evil laugh).