February 8, 2009

Picture Tag

Moe's Armpit-delicious Mom (seriously, go check it out) tagged me in a new picture tag while simultaneously outing the blog-slacking going around due to FB addiction. Hey, I could quit, if I wanted to. No really, I could give it up today... right after I update my status. Well, maybe I'll add another album first but surely after that. As I previously posted and still stand strongly behind, LONG LIVE BLOGGER! The rules are to go to your 4th picture folder then post the 4th picture in that folder then tag 4 people. Got it, done and dusted. A special cheers to Moe's Mom!

A couple years ago my husband was hired to shoot BB King for Esquire and I've since used one of the images from the shoot for various profile/photo montages which is why it exists in my photo folders. The 4th photo of the 4th folder to be exact. I loved this shoot and was so jealous that I couldn't tag along - this music legend is in his 80's and is still performing 300+ shows a year. And he still has his music technitian record every on-stage solo so that BB can listen to it when he returns to his trailor and analyze how he can make it better for the next gig. I can only hope to be so dedicated to something so cool when I'm 83.

And to continue the tagging of the FB crazed, I tag:
1. Cloverlandfarm
2. The folks over at "you better make it a triple"
3. Dandies in the Sunshine
4. Mumblerrr!


Julie said...

I tried to be your friend on Facebook. Laura said she'd vouch for me. (:

stephanie said...

Swoon! You so win this tag.

courtney rose said...

JO! My picture is so lame. I already checked it out in hopes that no one would tag me for this one.

Maybe I should find something awesome and be all sly about it. "Sure.... This was the fourth folder with the fourth picture from my fourth year with the fourth word and the fourth sentence on the fourth paragraph. From the fourth page."

But for you? Anything.

Humph. BB King? I mean- come on.